Tourist Places and Attractions in Kinnaur

Tourist Places and Attractions in Kinnaur

Situated on the road to Rohtang pass, a picturesque spot, Kothi is 12Km from Manali. A PWD rest house is situated on a ridge overlooking a narrow valley with a very good view of mountains and valleys. A large number of films (movies) have been filmed at this place and is the ideal resting resorts of poets, writers and the lovers of peaceful environs.

This village is situated 39 Km away from Kalpa on the left bank of river Satluj. The location is very beautiful and approach to this picturesque village is through apricot orchards. The local deity is Urmig and there are three structures dedicated to the deity each existing in Thwaring, Garmang and Shilling. Generally these are empty as the ark of the deity remains in the fort. On a sacred day the ark is taken to the above named places. The ark has got 18 'mukh', made of silver, gold and brass. The 18 mukh represents the 18 days of the great epic Mahabharat.

Lipa-Asrang Sanctuary
A must see tourist spot for the solitude lovers and avid worshipper of nature, Lipa Asrang Sanctuary is around at a height of 4,000 to 5,022 m. The sanctuary is spread over an area of around 30.89 sq km. The variety of flora found in this sanctuary includes dry coniferous forest, dry alpine scrub, dwarf juniper scrub, dry broad leaves, western Himalayan temperate forest, and coniferous forest. The most commonly found fauna in this sanctuary are Yak, Leopard, Ibex, Goral, Brown Bear, Blue Sheep, Himalayan black Beer, Musk Deer etc. Random tourists are not allowed to enter this sanctuary. So they need to take prior permission to explore the sanctuary.

Situated at an altitude of 2150m, Nichar is amongst one of the scenic places to see in Kinnaur district. Nichar is one of the three administrative areas in Kinnaur district and is situated between Taranda and Wangtu on the left bank of River Satluj. Blessed with rich flora and fauna, the upper region of Nichar is the home to wildlife species like Ghoral, antelopes, black and red bears.

Sangla Valley
This valley starts 57 Km short of Kalpa which has been named after a beautiful & populous village Sangla. Sangla is situated on the right bank of Baspa river 17 Kms. from Karcham. Journey from Karcham onwards is enjoyable and adventurous throughout the valley. The natural scenery all around and the eternal snow view are picturesque and charming. It is also known as Baspa Valley since Baspa River flows through this area. This is the most charming valley in the entire District of Kinnaur. A temple dedicated to Nages god is worth a visit & other places are Sapni, Rackchham, Kilba, Kamru Fort which can also be visited. There are post offices, banks, rest houses for the convenience of the visitors.

The unspoilt, serene and picturesque village of Nako is located in Kinnaur District of Himachal Pradesh at a height of around 3600m. Nako is found at the east end of Kinnaur Valley and can be called almost the last attraction on the way to Malling Nullah. Malling Nullah is located in between Kinnaur and Spiti Valley and one of the most happening travel destinations of Himachal Pradesh. Nako lies on the region close to Tibbetan Border and travellers thus need to possess inner line permit to travel to this region. Inner line permits are required for the foreign nationals for overnight stay in any part of the village Nako.

As the village is very small in its area, one can easily explore the hidden gems of this village on foot. The major attraction of Nako Village is the Nako Lake which is located amidst extremely hilly terrains. Close to this lake one can get to see four Buddhist monasteries and a huge footlike impression.

The last inhabited village on the Indo-Tibettan border, Chitkul is found on the bank of Baspa River. It is the last point in India till where one can travel without a permit. The village is a perfect retreat for the travellers who are looking for a break from crowd and chaos and turns to a perfect bliss for the sparse population over the region. The village remains almost covered with snow during winter season. It is during this period of time, the local residents move to the lower Himalayan regions.

The main attractions of Chitkul are its houses which have either slate or wooden plank roofs. It also houses a small Buddhist Temple and a small tower. There is a monastery called Kagyupa Temple where an age old image of Shakyamuni Buddha is worshipped. The valley proffers an unsurpassed view of the river Baspa with the vistas of snow-clad mountains on the left and apple orchards and wooden houses on the right.

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